How To Treat Diaper Rash FAST!


Anytime my kids are hurt or sick it’s literally the saddest thing ever for me. Like most mom’s, I can’t STAND it! I feel so helpless. So you better believe that anytime I find ways to help prevent or fix it, I’m def going to. I’ve spent hourzzzz of my life mending scrapes and bruises, in steam showers with stuffy noses and coughs, and even spent more money than necessary on ice packs with cute characters on, because obviously it doesn’t feel as cold if it’s cute. Then there’s diaper rash. One of the worst.

I remember a time when Macy (who is now 8 and I’m sure is thrilled to have this story out on the Internet lol) was a baby and ate something that didn’t agree with her. You guys. The diaper rash was INSANE. She was crying, I was crying, we were all crying. The ONLY thing that worked that night was DESITIN the maximum strength formula. Within 12 hours it was all healed up! My mom is the one who told me about it. She’s always said it’s the only thing on the market that works that fast and she was right! So I’ve been a loyal customer ever since….8 years and counting!

Through 3 kids, eating transitions, long road trips where I couldn’t stop to change diapers right away and stomach bugs, I’ve never let the DESITIN run out! No joke, I have one in Gia’s (the baby) room upstairs, one in my room (ya know, so I don’t have to walk all the way up there each time lol) and one in the diaper bag.

My other tips for treating diaper rash:

-Keep the area as dry as possible. Check the diaper every 2 hours or less and change it right away if it’s dirty!

-Don’t irritate the skin anymore than necessary, be very gentle when changing their diaper and when wiping them. Sometimes I even use use a warm wet washcloth if it’s a pretty bad case.

-Apply the DESITIN as often as needed, especially at bedtime. I can’t tell you how many times I sent my kids to bed with a horrible diaper rash after applying DESITIN and they woke up with ZERO rash! That’s less than 12 hours (well depending on how long your kids sleep)!

Take a second and read up about DESITIN products and how they can help your family make life a little bit easier! Click HERE for more info!


{Giveaway} Modern + Insulated Kids Bag

Gabbybox sent me this adorable kids bag as a gift and I’ve partnered with them to do a giveaway that you will love! All opinions are my own 🙂

This bag is one of the cutest I’ve seen! They have several colors and the winner will get the color of their choice! {keep reading for details on how to enter}!

This bag comes with several straps so you can wear it many different ways! My 5 year old, Brooklyn, is contantly changing the straps for different occasions.

One of my favorite things about this bag is that it’s insulated. It would make THE CUTEST lunch box ever! I mean honestly!

When I get baby Gia potty trained, I’ll be toting this thing all over the place with sippy cups and snacks in it for her!

To enter the giveaway (this bag in the color of your choice), head over to my instagram —> @brittanyeastham for the details!

For those ready to purchase NOW because it’s so adorable and you can’t wait, use code “brittany20” for 20% off your purchase!


The brand name is bessonjoujou by Gabbybox.

Follow Gabbybox on Instagram at @gabbybox

Fuel Baby Bottle Review

I’m so excited to share this product with you guys! I was able to nurse Gia until her first birthday…I really wanted to and was so glad it worked out! BUUUTTTTT I set aside one feeding a day for someone else…her dad, a big sister, herself once she started holding her own bottle…whoever. I Just needed a minute. A lot of times it was pumped milk but there were times we were traveling or I had her in nursery at church and I gave her formula. I wasn’t able to nurse my other 2 girls as long as Gia and I would have been buying a ton of these bottles like crazy. This company has made formula bottles so quick and easy! I use this for Gia several times a week and I’m obsessed! This would make an awesome baby shower gift!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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You make the bottle before you leave the house and with one push of a button the formula drops into the water, you shake it up and done and done. Gia is IMPATIENT to say the least (for those of you that know her…that scream is so serious when she’s hungry) so this bottle is perfect for her. I have my 7 year old shake these up and give to her in the backseat when we are on road trips or out running errands!

Ok, so here’s how it works:

Put the desired amount of formula in the bottom container and put the little shaker ball on top. You will press the shaker ball down and the bottom of the bottle to make a suction.

You will put the top of the bottle on, unscrew the nipple and fill up with however much water you need.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

When you are ready to use, you will press this heart on the bottom of the bottle and the suction releases the shaker ball and formula, shake, then feed to make the baby stop screaming 🙂

I have been using this bottle for several months now and I’ve not had it leak on me one time. I wash it in the sink, I havent’ put it in the dishwasher yet.

If you want to learn more about FuelBaby Bottle, check out the different colors or purchase…CLICK HERE. For 10% OFF your purchase, use code : BRITTANYEASTHAM

They are having a sale right now until April 26, 2017, that will get you free shipping when you buy 2 or more bottles!

A Letter to My Last Baby on Her First Birthday

My Dear Baby GG-

Girlfriend! WE. DID. IT. I mean honestly, we should be in Mexico somewhere soaking up the sun as a reward for everything we have been through this past year!

It was the hardest, yet most amazing year of my life. I want you to know that I cherished EVERY SINGLE moment with you as an infant. I made sure to take in every newborn smell knowing it could be my last. I made sure to snuggle a few extra minutes during those night feedings, knowing they wouldn’t last long. I soaked up all the silence and naps in those early days knowing that you would be a jabbering, busy bee before I knew it. Even though nursing is the hardest in those early days, I cherished every moment knowing that soon enough I would be stressing about making sure your foods were soft enough and cut up small enough so you didn’t choke haha. All I had to do was hold you and stare at you (for hours and hours and hours and hours, but still…) Nothing in this world will replace those moments of letting you sleep on my chest when you were just a few days old, Lord knows I can barely hold you in my lap these days because you’re so busy taking in the exciting world around you.



I’ll never regret NOT sleep training you right away and letting you sleep in our room until you were well past 6 months old. I won’t regret picking you up EVERY. SINGLE. time you cried (and laughing at how cute it was) instead of making dinner and letting you work it out (we kept delivery guys in business). I won’t regret telling everyone I was feeding you knowing we were done 10 minutes prior, but  I was just starring at you and holding you for an extra minute before I had to pass you off and share you again. I won’t regret letting the laundry pile up, the house not being clean or even not getting that daily shower I needed lol. I genuinely soaked up ALL of your baby-ness and I don’t regret one second of it.


It’s funny how the things that stressed me out as a new mom with your big sisters were the things I looked forward to. Putting you to bed (even though I was tired and wanted to get in bed myself), bath time (even though I needed a shower- we may cover this several times) and middle of the night feedings (because who WANTS to wake up in the middle of the night ever??). I loved all of it.

There were definitely some rough times with you, but just like the horrific pregnancy and c-section you put me through (hence the reason I KNOW you are my last baby), I’ve already forgotten about them.


Baby Gia, I want you to know how happy you make our family. You are the best grande finale your dad and I could have asked for. You are the sweetest most tenderhearted little (literally, you are still wearing your 6 month clothes and in a size 2 diaper…you weighed 16.14 pounds at your weight check yesterday) thing I didn’t know I wanted or needed in my life.


I look forward to sharing secrets with you, laughs with you and memories that you can actually remember lol! We have a lifetime of fun ahead of us, you just wait and see sister!

But today, with tears streaming down my face, I say good-bye to my last baby. I know nothing magical happens today in the physical, but my heart knows exactly what today is. I don’t have an infant anymore. Now when people ask me your age, I have to say 1…and that just sounds too grown. I’m not ready for you to grow up. But here goes nothing….


I’m already proud of the little thing you’ve become and I can’t wait to see where God takes your life. You are sweet, sassy and so much in between. He has the perfect place for you in this world and I’m so lucky I have a front row seat.

You will forever be my baby girl…



PS. Back to the conversation about going to Mexico….

A Letter to my last baby on her 2

Valentines Day Outfits for Little Girls

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I love a good holiday outfit for my kids and Valentines Day is no exception! My sweet mama got these for the girls (yay for moms!). You will not believe where she got these! AMAZON! I meannnnn, you can literally buy ANYTHING on Amazon. I’m convinced.

Click on the links to get outfit details!

Macy’s Shirt This adorable shirt can be worn all year long! If you’re like us, we wear shorts with long sleeve shirts on cooler Summer nights. It says toddler but they go up to a size 8! The ruffles on the sleeves are my favorite part of the shirt!

Macy’s Pants are from Target I love the sparkle leggings! You can pair them with anything and everything. They are a fun edition to most any outfit for girls!



Brooklyn’s Outfit This is a 3 piece outfit that comes with the shirt/dress, leggings and scarf. I literally had to physically remove the scarf from her body before bed the other night because she loves it so much. She said it makes her feel “like a big girl!” I love that I can separate all 3 pieces to make different outfits. Getting the most out of my money (well, my mom’s money haha)!



Gia’s Outfit This is a 3 piece outfit also! It comes with the shirt/dress, leggings and hair bow! I’m OBSESSED with the ruffled leggings! You will see those around Memorial Day, 4th of July (and any other USA-ish excuse I can find) paired with Navy! Even if they are short and have to be capris lol! She looks adorable in this outfit if I do say so myself! ad She is our last baby so why not splurge on a “My first Valentines Day” outfit??


What are your favorite Holidays to dress your kids for? Where do you shop?

Free Nature Walk Downloads

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I love to go on walks! Like, love to. My kids like to MOST of the time, but some days they are just not in the mood. Sunshine and fresh air is so good for your mind, body and soul. After homeschool in the morning and laundry, dishes, cleaning…you name it, going outside for a walk is in order. I also want my kids to enjoy playing outside and getting exercise. So when they are not in the mood, I like to give them something to do. Sometimes they ride bikes, scooters, we count wreaths or American flags, we search for animals, etc. I recently created these little Nature walk charts so they can cross off items or shapes or colors as they find them! This morning, my 5 year old woke up and begged to go on a walk! I made this on my computer in like 30 seconds. They are so easy to make, or feel free to download mine here! I’ve uploaded 3 different ones for you to grab…items, shapes and colors ❤

They crossed out things as they found them.




Even Gia loved the walk…she fell asleep and slept for almost an hour (which unfortunately is really good for her)



Download Free Nature Walk Print-offs




I Should Have Had Boys

I for real should have had boys. You know why? I’m glad you asked! Because then Jeff would have had to take all the kids to the bathroom 3 seconds before the hot food gets to the table. Like, my little girls have a hot food radar. It’s always time to pee or worse, poop, when the food arrives.

Or I should have had boys because they are easier to dress. I know girls are more fun to dress, but we don’t need to dress fun to go to the grocery store, I need them to look halfway presentable for all of the old women at Walmart they are going to meet. But we have to get the right earrings and shoes and purse  (and even though I say “no” they beg and beg until I don’t care anymore and say “yes” take the purse…to Walmart!).

Or maybe I should have had boys because Jeff would have had to have all of the serious life talks! But no, here I am…laying awake all night practicing and anticipating how I’m going to answer all of these questions making sure I’m not going to screw them up and end up on Dr. Drew one of these days. I want to say “go ask your dad” to a pack of boys and go to sleep!

I should have had boys because then Jeff would have had to teach them all of the manly things like yard work and sports stuff and changing tires…while I was painting my nails quietly in the house alone (I’m sure this is a false reality I’m living in imagining a house full of boys, but stay with me lol). Guys, my whole life I wanted to be the queen of the house! I was going to let them go camping while I had a spa day. I was going to watch chic flicks ALONE during college football games. I had big plans for myself!!

But God had bigger plans. I wanted to be THE QUEEN of the house! But He wanted me to spend my life RAISING FUTURE QUEENS.

I started to realize and take this divine plan seriously the SECOND we found out Macy was a girl. I knew in my heart that even though I wanted to float through life not having to share my make-up and nail polish, that God would ordain necessary girl talk around those spa days. He knew the serious life-altering conversations we would have in restaurant bathrooms (while Jeff sat out there alone might I add) while the food got cold. God wanted ME to create special mommy moments with these little angels while Jeff watched college football. Jeff is the best dad any kid or wife could ask her, but I knew that a lot of the teaching responsibility would fall on me because well…I’m a girl! He can’t teach them how to do their make-up or how to fix their hair. He can’t comfort them like a mom can when life gets tough. God PICKED me. What an awesome honor that is for the God of the universe to HAND PICK me and my chics to do life together??

These little girls have given me more purpose than I ever dreamed of. God has been speaking to me and teaching me since I was a little girl…only now to TRULY find out why. I have to teach them everything I know and work hard to figure out all of the things I don’t know. I have to leave my legacy in them. But more importantly than that, I have to get them ready for their future. And God picked me. Wow. I’m just blown away by this thought when I sit and think about it!

So I encourage all of the moms, dads, guardians and caregivers: Our job is to raise the future. You’ve been preparing for this your whole life. God has been getting you ready since the day you were born. When they days are too hard and you wish you had all boys so you could go shopping and getting a massage alone lol (insert your own mom fantasy), remember that the God of the universe picked you to be where you are and do what you do. He built me to raise queens, and I intend on making sure they are better queens than I am! I hope they get the best of me and more! So while I may feel like I should have had boys so I could take it easy (yes, I know it’s not really easy, but some parts of it would be lol), I had girls. and I love them and I’ll rise to the challenge the best that I know how. #EasthamQueens