How To Treat Diaper Rash FAST!


Anytime my kids are hurt or sick it’s literally the saddest thing ever for me. Like most mom’s, I can’t STAND it! I feel so helpless. So you better believe that anytime I find ways to help prevent or fix it, I’m def going to. I’ve spent hourzzzz of my life mending scrapes and bruises, in steam showers with stuffy noses and coughs, and even spent more money than necessary on ice packs with cute characters on, because obviously it doesn’t feel as cold if it’s cute. Then there’s diaper rash. One of the worst.

I remember a time when Macy (who is now 8 and I’m sure is thrilled to have this story out on the Internet lol) was a baby and ate something that didn’t agree with her. You guys. The diaper rash was INSANE. She was crying, I was crying, we were all crying. The ONLY thing that worked that night was DESITIN the maximum strength formula. Within 12 hours it was all healed up! My mom is the one who told me about it. She’s always said it’s the only thing on the market that works that fast and she was right! So I’ve been a loyal customer ever since….8 years and counting!

Through 3 kids, eating transitions, long road trips where I couldn’t stop to change diapers right away and stomach bugs, I’ve never let the DESITIN run out! No joke, I have one in Gia’s (the baby) room upstairs, one in my room (ya know, so I don’t have to walk all the way up there each time lol) and one in the diaper bag.

My other tips for treating diaper rash:

-Keep the area as dry as possible. Check the diaper every 2 hours or less and change it right away if it’s dirty!

-Don’t irritate the skin anymore than necessary, be very gentle when changing their diaper and when wiping them. Sometimes I even use use a warm wet washcloth if it’s a pretty bad case.

-Apply the DESITIN as often as needed, especially at bedtime. I can’t tell you how many times I sent my kids to bed with a horrible diaper rash after applying DESITIN and they woke up with ZERO rash! That’s less than 12 hours (well depending on how long your kids sleep)!

Take a second and read up about DESITIN products and how they can help your family make life a little bit easier! Click HERE for more info!


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