12 Ways to use leftover Halloween candy!

So, if you’re like me, we TRY (like, we fail sometimes) to not eat too much sugar. So Halloween can be a tough one….because let’s face it, sugar is not good for your body, but sometimes it’s good for the soul lol. I mean, legit a hershey kiss can fix my attitude (please spare me the email about the chemistry between food and feelings, I know). So, if you’re one of those people who eats perfect, you can disregard this blog post. Let’s face it, they aren’t reading because they probably have already thrown it all in the trash and gone back to eating healthy 100% of the time. One day I hope to be as strong as you people, but until then…the least we can do is spread it out.

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12 was to use leftover Halloween candy:

1. Add it to your coffee in the morning (hershey kisses are my fav) and you’ll have a mocha! Throw in a peppermint and you have a peppermint mocha. I just saved you $6.05 at Starbucks today. You’re welcome.

2. Add it to popcorn. Honestly, sweet and salty flavors are LIFE.

3. Make cookies and use the candy as add-ins…use all your healthy substitutes if it makes you feel better.

4. Package it up in mason jars, a ribbon and some corny note you found on Pinterest about how “sweet” they are and give it to your kids teachers.

5. Use it in a piñata for Christmas or the next birthday.

6. Make cute little Christmas treats with them. Kit Kat for sleds, hershey kisses for a snowman hat…you get the point.

7. Use it to decorate a gingerbread house…we always spend money on candy for these anyways…saving you the DOLLAS today!

8. Bribe your kids. Yep. I said it. A little “motivation” goes along way for getting chores done and a quick attitude adjustment. Put the judgy eyeroll away…you know you do it. I’ll have some in my car and purse at all times, hit me up if you need one when your kid has a meltdown 😉

9. Take it to the office and put in a candy dish…it will def be gone in no time.

10. Let your kids practice counting with it. Homeschool people of the world, DO NOT THROW YOUR CANDY AWAY. Seriously, you can use it with SOOOOO many lessons.

11. Use the candy for game pieces. Whoever wins the game gets to eat their candy!

12. Last but not least: EAT SOME. Spread it out and limit your sugar intake but save it for a rainy, yoga pants, PMS day.

What are some things you do with leftover Halloween candy??

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