22 Ways to Sneak Veggie Powder in Your Kid's Day

Is anyone else obsessed with veggie powder like I am? Although our family eats extremely healthy most days, we still have days where we really miss the mark lol! THESE are the days I’m extra grateful for veggie powder because I know that they are at least getting in some nutrition amongst the pizza, mac and cheese and ice cream! I want this post to encourage all of you to get creative with your veggie powder. We typically put it in smoothies but for the days we don’t make a smoothie we use it in lots of other ways!


The brand I buy is berry flavored so the kids love the taste so it’s really easy to mix it in all kinds of things. I love this brand because it’s organic and it has probiotics in it!

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My sister and I both use this brand of veggie powder and started texting each other when we found a new way to use it…so I kept a running list. Anything to keep those little immune systems up (esp during cold and flu season)!

Here are some ideas (this is one to save on your Pinterest board)…

  1. Mix it in applesauce
  2. Mix it in yogurt
  3. Make a berry yogurt parfait
  4. Mix it in ice cream if you’re just totally going in with a cheat day!
  5. Use as a topping for ice cream (sort of like sprinkles)
  6. Mix it in with their milk (we use coconut milk but any milk would work)
  7. Mix it in oatmeal
  8. Instead of fun dip, take slices of mango or pineapple and let them dip the fruit strips in the veggie powder
  9. Mix it in lemonade
  10. Use the berry lemonade to make popsicles
  11. We always use it with smoothies
  12. Make smoothie popsicles
  13. Mix it in tea to make a berry flavored tea
  14. Use the “berry milk” for their cereal (probably a plain cereal would taste best)
  15. Use it as extra flavoring to make cupcakes, cakes, cookies…any sweet treats
  16. Mix it with cool whip to dip berries in or for a dessert topping
  17. Mix in with the icing for cupcakes
  18. Mix with apple juice for strawberry apple juice
  19. Sprinkle on top of peanut butter toast
  20. Frozen Ice cubes for tea or lemonade
  21. Add to Pedialyte for extra nutrients when they are sick
  22. Add to a salad dressing

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Give me more ideas on how to use veggie powder in your day in the comments below!



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