Healthy Keto Hot Dogs

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I don’t know about you guys but I love a good party with grilled hamburgers and hot dogs! Let’s face it, I love hot dogs…period. I usually get turkey hot dogs because they are healthier. Hot dogs just scream Summer to me so now that I’m keto-ing, I had to find a good way to eat them. Sure you can just eat them without the bun, but why not get creative?!

So for 4h of July, I wanted to pass along a little something I’ve been doing these last few weeks that’s SO delicious and keto friendly! Feel free to add or take away but just remember that you can still enjoy good party food without cheating! Don’t forget your greens 😉

Keto Hot Dogs

Spinach + cheddar cheese + chives + mustard

* I topped with a little sour cream but it kind of ruined the look sooooooo I took the picture before 🤣

I cheated a few days ago and felt absolutely miserable! I was tired and exhausted for like 2 days. Bloated and had stomach aches. In case anyone is thinking about declaring a cheat day…DON’T! Maybe do a cheat meal but a whole day was such a horrible idea!

Cheers to a fun and safe “keto” Independence Day!

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