Healthy Keto/Low Carb Turkey Sandwich

So I love living the keto/low carb life style, but I get concerned with some of the people I see out there skipping all their veggies! It’s still really important to keep your diet packed with greens and antioxidants to get the most out of your keto benefits. There are so many health benefits when eliminating carbs and sugar, but make the most of them by keeping up with your greens and herbs. Living off bacon and cheese means you have to be more intentional about adding in the fresh stuff.

One of my favorite ways to pack a meal full of veggies is to make a low carb sandwich! I’ll tell you my favorite recipe but the beauty of a sandwich is you can change them up every single time!

Although the kids and the Mr. aren’t low carb-ing with me, they still makes these all the time as well. Anytime you can cut a grain or two here and there is always a good idea.

I get a high quality turkey meat from the deli to use for these. Don’t buy cheap sandwich meat…yuck!



turkey meat

cream cheese (to replace my mayo!)



dijon mustard

*Optional: cherry tomatoes (I only add these if I haven’t had other carbs the rest of the day…tomatoes are a little higher in carbs than other veggies so check your count first before adding a huge handful)


  1. Lay turkey meat flat, pile on all the good stuff!
  2. Roll it up or fold it in half
  3. Enjoy 🙂




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