Unprocessed Snacks for the Family with Arla

We take eating healthy pretty serious around our house…well like 80% of the time. The other 20% we live in regret over chocolate and cookie cake but what-evs. But if you follow us around social media land, you know that I can be a bit strict with everyone…ya know…out of the goodness of my heart (or possibly fear, but whatever works). High immune systems = less doctor visits. Less doctor visits = more shoes. Simple.

Macy, my oldest (Age 7) has decided to become picky-ish lately…unless I put cream cheese on her snacks! She told me the other day she wasn’t eating cucumbers anymore. Ummmm….yes you are (insert rolling eye emoji) . It’s one of the most alkalizing vegetables out there (more on that another day). Thanks to Arla I’ve been able to find a great company that leaves out all of the ingredients you can’t pronounce from their dairy.  *The FDA has determined that there is no significant difference between milk derived from rBST-treated and non-rBST-treated cows. So I whipped up some snacks and, threw some cream cheese on it and guess who ate an entire cucumber? Yep. In this day of junk food and preservatives, we are trying really hard to live an unprocessed life.


Arla is the 4th largest dairy company in the world and pride themselves on a farm-to-fridge approach. (points scored)

For this campaign, Arla asked kids to draw ingredients commonly found in dairy products such as “Xanthan” and “Sorbic Acid.” I asked the 2 older chicks to draw me a picture of them to see what they would say and do. Brooklyn asked if you can grow them in a garden (because she didn’t know what they were), we talked about how you can’t because they are not real food. She then asked “why would they put stuff in food that’s not real food?!?!” Exactly.

They told me they sounded like “scary ingredients” so this is the picture they drew…


Our family loves cream cheese in and on just about everything and I’m so glad we found a product that tastes delicious (it’s super rich AND creamy AND perfect) and meets our “live unprocessed” standards.

Arla has a variety of flavors of cream cheese and delicious cheeses as well!

Click here to read more info about this amazing company, check out their products, find products near you and watch a short video of 2 kids helping with this campaign!

What do you guys do to live an unprocessed life???


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