A Letter to My Last Baby on Her First Birthday

My Dear Baby GG-

Girlfriend! WE. DID. IT. I mean honestly, we should be in Mexico somewhere soaking up the sun as a reward for everything we have been through this past year!

It was the hardest, yet most amazing year of my life. I want you to know that I cherished EVERY SINGLE moment with you as an infant. I made sure to take in every newborn smell knowing it could be my last. I made sure to snuggle a few extra minutes during those night feedings, knowing they wouldn’t last long. I soaked up all the silence and naps in those early days knowing that you would be a jabbering, busy bee before I knew it. Even though nursing is the hardest in those early days, I cherished every moment knowing that soon enough I would be stressing about making sure your foods were soft enough and cut up small enough so you didn’t choke haha. All I had to do was hold you and stare at you (for hours and hours and hours and hours, but still…) Nothing in this world will replace those moments of letting you sleep on my chest when you were just a few days old, Lord knows I can barely hold you in my lap these days because you’re so busy taking in the exciting world around you.



I’ll never regret NOT sleep training you right away and letting you sleep in our room until you were well past 6 months old. I won’t regret picking you up EVERY. SINGLE. time you cried (and laughing at how cute it was) instead of making dinner and letting you work it out (we kept delivery guys in business). I won’t regret telling everyone I was feeding you knowing we were done 10 minutes prior, but  I was just starring at you and holding you for an extra minute before I had to pass you off and share you again. I won’t regret letting the laundry pile up, the house not being clean or even not getting that daily shower I needed lol. I genuinely soaked up ALL of your baby-ness and I don’t regret one second of it.


It’s funny how the things that stressed me out as a new mom with your big sisters were the things I looked forward to. Putting you to bed (even though I was tired and wanted to get in bed myself), bath time (even though I needed a shower- we may cover this several times) and middle of the night feedings (because who WANTS to wake up in the middle of the night ever??). I loved all of it.

There were definitely some rough times with you, but just like the horrific pregnancy and c-section you put me through (hence the reason I KNOW you are my last baby), I’ve already forgotten about them.


Baby Gia, I want you to know how happy you make our family. You are the best grande finale your dad and I could have asked for. You are the sweetest most tenderhearted little (literally, you are still wearing your 6 month clothes and in a size 2 diaper…you weighed 16.14 pounds at your weight check yesterday) thing I didn’t know I wanted or needed in my life.


I look forward to sharing secrets with you, laughs with you and memories that you can actually remember lol! We have a lifetime of fun ahead of us, you just wait and see sister!

But today, with tears streaming down my face, I say good-bye to my last baby. I know nothing magical happens today in the physical, but my heart knows exactly what today is. I don’t have an infant anymore. Now when people ask me your age, I have to say 1…and that just sounds too grown. I’m not ready for you to grow up. But here goes nothing….


I’m already proud of the little thing you’ve become and I can’t wait to see where God takes your life. You are sweet, sassy and so much in between. He has the perfect place for you in this world and I’m so lucky I have a front row seat.

You will forever be my baby girl…



PS. Back to the conversation about going to Mexico….

A Letter to my last baby on her 2


One thought on “A Letter to My Last Baby on Her First Birthday

  1. Such a sweet letter. I love how you have identified and recognized everything from infanthood, and turned each moment – even the tough ones – into sweet memories. I guess that’s why I smile and laugh when I tell my children about the difficult things that happened when they were little. Oh, the memories!


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