Free Nature Walk Downloads

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I love to go on walks! Like, love to. My kids like to MOST of the time, but some days they are just not in the mood. Sunshine and fresh air is so good for your mind, body and soul. After homeschool in the morning and laundry, dishes, cleaning…you name it, going outside for a walk is in order. I also want my kids to enjoy playing outside and getting exercise. So when they are not in the mood, I like to give them something to do. Sometimes they ride bikes, scooters, we count wreaths or American flags, we search for animals, etc. I recently created these little Nature walk charts so they can cross off items or shapes or colors as they find them! This morning, my 5 year old woke up and begged to go on a walk! I made this on my computer in like 30 seconds. They are so easy to make, or feel free to download mine here! I’ve uploaded 3 different ones for you to grab…items, shapes and colors ❤

They crossed out things as they found them.




Even Gia loved the walk…she fell asleep and slept for almost an hour (which unfortunately is really good for her)



Download Free Nature Walk Print-offs





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