My Whole 30/Paleo Disclaimer

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So I wanted to take a minute and write a little disclaimer about the Whole 30/Paleo our family is about to do! If you have no idea what Whole 30/Paleo is, def research if you’re interested in doing it! I could type for DAYZZZZ on here about the benefits and guidelines, but I am have 2 kids in the bath and the other one eating a mountain of yogurt melts demanding “more” every 4 seconds, so google and Pinterest are your best friends for info. There is a Whole 30 book that has the entire program in it that I highly recommend : The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom

I’ll give you the short version: We are cutting out grains, dairy (yes cheese, its not that bad once you get used to it!) soy, legumes, and added sugar. We will be mixing Paleo/Whole 30 a little bit. They are basically the same thing with a few technicalities but I feel led to say them so professional Whole 30 Internet trolls don’t send me mean e-mails about how I’m doing it wrong (eyeroll). So here goes the disclaimer:

A. I am not a food blogger or stylist, neither do I have time to be one. Most of our meals will be in my Instagram stories (@lifewithlittlemamis) because I don’t have time to find good lighting, cute plates and put cute leaves or orange slices around every picture. I am a normal chic who is making a solid effort. So if you’re also normal, you’re at the right place and welcome to my no-judgement zone over here. I will put some of our really good recipes on the blog and my feed for you to see. After all, I WANT you to enjoy watching our journey. But it’s possible they could be pictured on plastic plates or ya know something with a princess or snowman on it.

2. We eat leftovers. We are also normal enough to live life on a budget, so each week I make a big pot of soup for quick lunches or quick dinners for that matter. So if you see soup everyday for lunch, don’t roll your eyes. Just find your inner “this doesn’t look that hard” and smile J

C. I don’t do everything perfect. I’m not talking a ton of cheat days, but I don’t have time to make all of my sauces from scratch as they suggest. I buy organic sauces 99% of the time so some of them don’t have sugar and the ones that do, it’s organic. I also use stevia and raw honey, which you’re not supposed to do on Whole 30 but IS allowed on Paleo. We also make some of the “goodies” Whole 30 forbids. We have done almond flour pancakes (not Macy of course because she is WAY allergic to nuts :/) with strawberry puree and it was delish! Which leads me to my next point….

4. This is not a diet. This is a lifestyle change. If I was truly doing this for only 30 days I’d be so hardcore you don’t even know, but we are making a serious change so I try to make it long-term tasty! This being a “lifestyle change” is so cliché but it really changed the way I approached food for our family. There are endless benefits that I could go on about. At the end of the day, I just feel so much better when I eat clean, healthy foods. I also feel 2 steps closer to Superwoman knowing that I provide good nutritious and DELICIOUS food for my family. We lived this lifestyle a lot of 2016 and I’m hoping to go longer this time! I’m also going to be adding in some workouts and watching my calorie and carb intake in hopes to lose some baby weight this time around. I’m still nursing so I have to be careful, but slow and steady wins the race I hear.

E. I let the kids fudge a little more than Jeff and I. Occasionally we will be out and I will swing through Chic-fil-a and get them grilled nuggets and fries. Chicken and potatoes are allowed and when we are out, that’s about as close as I can get some days. Hard to order them a salad on the go lol.

6. I’m not a doctor. Although I have taken care of enough sick kids I could at least work at the Walgreens take-care clinic if I needed to (kidding! But seriously) If you are thinking about joining our journey, PLEASE check with your doctor to see if it’s an appropriate program for you.

I’m spending the rest of my evening combing through the Internet and Pinterest for recipes and I’ll be doing my shopping tomorrow! Bring it on 2017.


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