My #1 Favorite Baby Toy

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I wanted to share with you one of my favorite items for Gia! If you are about to have a baby, looking for a present for a baby or take care of babies in any way shape or form, you NEED one of these Summer Infant 3 Stage Activity Centers! My mom bought this for me when Gia was about 3 months old and we are still using it!

I love it because it has toys ATTACHED to it! Gia is in that stage where she throws everything on the floor and laughs (which is only cute the first 30 times…insert eyeroll), and I love that she can’t do that with this! It’s really easy to put together when you get it out of the box. Everything just snaps together, no tools required. She was playing in it within 10 minutes of opening it. Also, I can’t with her serious eyebrows lol!


The top part of this activity center turns. The other side has a little tray with cupholders in it. It’s nice because you don’t have to take them out to get it this way, you simply turn it. This has been perfect to feed her little snacks in. She’s still working on getting the hang of her sippy cup but she tries hard! For now we use it as her paci holder because Lord knows she’s not letting that thing out of her sight!


And if you just need a seat without the tray, it comes off very easy! There’s a little handle that works a lot like a high chair handle where the cup holders are and you just take out the middle part and turn the activity center part until it comes off.


It straps the baby in so they don’t wiggle out! It also comes with straps so they you could strap the entire activity center in a chair. We don’t really use that feature at home because we have a separate high chair, but it’s perfect for when we travel!

I love that you can wipe this thing down really easy. I literally drag this thing ALL over the house with me for her to play in and eat snacks in while I get things done!

This Summer when we went to the beach I took it with me and set Gia up in the shade on a big towel and she was so content! When we would come in from the day, I took the tray off and gave her a bath in it so I wouldn’t have to take an extra bathtub, then dried it off to feed her dinner in! It’s been the best baby toy we’ve had so far! It comes in other colors in case you don’t a house running over with girls 🙂

Click on the picture below for more info or to purchase!

Summer Infant 3-Stage Activity Center Deluxe




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