I Should Have Had Boys

I for real should have had boys. You know why? I’m glad you asked! Because then Jeff would have had to take all the kids to the bathroom 3 seconds before the hot food gets to the table. Like, my little girls have a hot food radar. It’s always time to pee or worse, poop, when the food arrives.

Or I should have had boys because they are easier to dress. I know girls are more fun to dress, but we don’t need to dress fun to go to the grocery store, I need them to look halfway presentable for all of the old women at Walmart they are going to meet. But we have to get the right earrings and shoes and purse  (and even though I say “no” they beg and beg until I don’t care anymore and say “yes” take the purse…to Walmart!).

Or maybe I should have had boys because Jeff would have had to have all of the serious life talks! But no, here I am…laying awake all night practicing and anticipating how I’m going to answer all of these questions making sure I’m not going to screw them up and end up on Dr. Drew one of these days. I want to say “go ask your dad” to a pack of boys and go to sleep!

I should have had boys because then Jeff would have had to teach them all of the manly things like yard work and sports stuff and changing tires…while I was painting my nails quietly in the house alone (I’m sure this is a false reality I’m living in imagining a house full of boys, but stay with me lol). Guys, my whole life I wanted to be the queen of the house! I was going to let them go camping while I had a spa day. I was going to watch chic flicks ALONE during college football games. I had big plans for myself!!

But God had bigger plans. I wanted to be THE QUEEN of the house! But He wanted me to spend my life RAISING FUTURE QUEENS.

I started to realize and take this divine plan seriously the SECOND we found out Macy was a girl. I knew in my heart that even though I wanted to float through life not having to share my make-up and nail polish, that God would ordain necessary girl talk around those spa days. He knew the serious life-altering conversations we would have in restaurant bathrooms (while Jeff sat out there alone might I add) while the food got cold. God wanted ME to create special mommy moments with these little angels while Jeff watched college football. Jeff is the best dad any kid or wife could ask her, but I knew that a lot of the teaching responsibility would fall on me because well…I’m a girl! He can’t teach them how to do their make-up or how to fix their hair. He can’t comfort them like a mom can when life gets tough. God PICKED me. What an awesome honor that is for the God of the universe to HAND PICK me and my chics to do life together??

These little girls have given me more purpose than I ever dreamed of. God has been speaking to me and teaching me since I was a little girl…only now to TRULY find out why. I have to teach them everything I know and work hard to figure out all of the things I don’t know. I have to leave my legacy in them. But more importantly than that, I have to get them ready for their future. And God picked me. Wow. I’m just blown away by this thought when I sit and think about it!

So I encourage all of the moms, dads, guardians and caregivers: Our job is to raise the future. You’ve been preparing for this your whole life. God has been getting you ready since the day you were born. When they days are too hard and you wish you had all boys so you could go shopping and getting a massage alone lol (insert your own mom fantasy), remember that the God of the universe picked you to be where you are and do what you do. He built me to raise queens, and I intend on making sure they are better queens than I am! I hope they get the best of me and more! So while I may feel like I should have had boys so I could take it easy (yes, I know it’s not really easy, but some parts of it would be lol), I had girls. and I love them and I’ll rise to the challenge the best that I know how. #EasthamQueens


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