Help me to be more simple.

Lord, help me to be simple. I’m starting to think I’m more difficult than I want to be. If you know me and you are rolling in the floor laughing because you’ve known this about me for 31 years…keep it to yourself, I’m a work in progress 🙂 But seriously, we should all try to be more simple. I didn’t say don’t treat yourself sometimes or move to a tiny house, just more…simple. I always want the food to be perfect, the house to be perfect-ish, I want the Christmas presents to be perfect, the pictures to be perfect…this list goes on! But it’s a lot of work to strive for all of this. You could just literally exhaust yourself and your resources trying to get there. It’s time for a reality check Brittany.

I bought this $3 tree from Target in the dollar section (which is starting to turn into the $3 and $5 section but whatever). I actually bought it for Jeff to take to work and put on his desk, I know, I’m so cute right?! But he left it at home and I found the perfect place for it…yes, I stole his present. Well, the girls spotted it and they started fighting over this little $3 tree. The REAL moral of this story is that next time I see them at Target, I should buy 5 of them. ANYWAYS. I stood back and cracked up as I thought about all of the Christmas decorations around our house. All of the stuff we’ve collected over the years, the HOURSSSSSS and dayzzzzzz it takes us to put it all up. The amount of beads, glitter and fake snow I vacuum up for weeks and we all fight over this little tree that might break before the year is out. I mean, we all have Christmas trees in our room! But we all love this little tree. It’s the same concept as when you buy a baby a toy and they just want to play with the box lol.

My brain went on 789 rabbit trails (because I’m a girl) and I ended up at: We make life too hard sometimes, it’s simple. The things that truly make us happy are simple. Family dinners. Respect and love from your spouse. A parent that will sit and cuddle and play with you. A sister (or 47) to play Barbies with. In this season of “stuff” (and I’m not anti-stuff…I LIKE the stuff lol) Lord, help me to focus on what really matters and help me to be simple. I pray that I would make more time to chill with the mister and my little mamis and ENJOY them and this beautiful life we’ve built for ourselves.

Then I heard that little undeniable whisper from above…. God is simple. I pray that I would make God more simple in my life. I listen, He speaks, I follow. Done. It’s not hard. He’s not trying to play games with our emotions and string us along this path while dangling things over our head. Our purpose is not some huge mystery. It’s just a simple day-by-day walk of faith. All we have to do is listen and follow. I feel guilty somedays if I don’t have 2 hours to pray and read my Bible…and basically that NEVER happens, I can barely fit in a shower most days. But He is simple. He created simple. He is not tricky, He is simple. We listen, He speaks, we follow.

I challenge you (along with myself!) to be more simple. Love hard, soak in memories and follow His lead. :*


2 thoughts on “Help me to be more simple.

  1. loved this, last year I was scrambling around last minute trying to get the “perfect” gift for everybody and this year I’m practically all done and I went SIMPLE. More w/the what do you “need” vs. “want” gift ideal.


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