A Mom’s 30 Days of Thanks

So jealous of you ladies who have it together and do your 30 days of thanks in November each day. I want to, I really do. I truly am so grateful for the life I have. God has been so good to me! As I see your posts come across my feeds, I get all motivated to do it then someone hurts themselves, poops, needs food or a nap and my post-pregnancy brain (that’s a thing right?!) kicks in and it never happens. So I finally found 6 minutes to myself and thought I’d knock it out. This one is for all the moms out there. Enjoy 🙂

Day 1 – Coffee. Otherwise my kids would be calling Dr. Phil on me by 9:23am

Day 2 – Amazon Prime because I don’t have to put on a bra and shoes to get diapers and my deodorant.

Day 3 – Nap time. When else am I supposed to eat white cheddar popcorn (without sharing) and watch re-runs of the Gilmore Girls?

Day 4 – The tv show “Hoarders.” Because when I feel like my house is a mess, I remember that it could be worse. I keep a few on my DVR for when I need a pick me up.

Day 5 – The Bible verse “Children obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right” – Ephesians 6:1…the foundation of all of my “you better listen to mommy” speeches.

Day 6 – Modern day washing technology. I cant imagine washing every dish by hand or hanging clothes on a drying line…AFTER scrubbing them down one-by-one in a bucket. I’m being honest, we’d be dirty if it was left to me.

Day 7 – My dog. She’s the only one in the house who doesn’t hate me if I forget to feed or play with her. Also, she doesn’t always ask to play with play-doh or finger paint which is a huge plus.

Day 8 – My Crockpots. Because I’m thankful for anything that works on my behalf and makes me look awesome. Yes, I said crockpots. Chicken in one, green beans and bacon in the other. Done and done. Mom “cooked.”

Day 9 – Yeti cups, because it’s a miracle if I ever drink all of my coffee while it’s still hot…but now I can. Ya know, trying to avoid the whole Dr. Phil thing.

Day 10 – Peppa pig. That pig’s show has been such a blessing and given me many a needed 20 minutes to get a few things done.

Day 11 – High waisted leggings. Because after 3 kids, it’s necessary. You’re all welcome.

Day 12 – Daylight savings. Because for a few months of the year you can put your kids to bed at 5:02pm and they have no clue it’s not 8pm.

Day 13 – Target. Where do I even begin??

Day 14 – Thicker eyebrows being in style. I haven’t hardly had time to do my eyebrows for the last 7 years so it looks like I was ahead of the trend on this one.

Day 15 – Aviators and messy buns. You mean I look cute even though I look like a TROLL under here? This is a win-win situation.

Day 16 – Kids vitamins. It eases the mom guilt when I let them eat cold pizza for breakfast.

Day 17 – My oldest child. My mom tries to tell me not to let her grow up too fast but she’s 7 now, she’s earning her keep around here right up to the child labor laws margin.

Day 18 – Adele. For putting my kids to sleep in the car every time.

Day 19 – Hand sanitizer. Because y’all are nasty. And even though my kids get sick
sometimes, they never caught Ebola so I think it’s working…and I’m grateful.

Day 20 – Pinterest. Because before, I used to just go to Hobby Lobby to decorate our house, now I can go to the dumpster and dig around in the salvage yard and come home feeling like Joanna Gaines.

Day 21 – Magic erasers. Seriously, what did I even do before these?! They clean everything. Now if only they would come unload my dishwasher.

Day 22 – Portable DVD players for the car. The guy (or girl) who made the at-home-massage chairs probably did so because they didn’t have adequate entertainment on a road trip with children. It’s the stuff ACTUAL nightmares are made of.

Day 23 – Noise canceling headphones. I’m not saying I’ve ever done it…but my “friend” puts hers on sometimes and listens to some Ariana Grande (or DMX depending on “her” current mood) to get away from it all…ya know, while still being responsible and making sure they don’t burn the house down….so “she” says. I imagine she’s grateful for those.

Day 24 – Grandparents. Because there’s someone else who will take your kids and love them right before you get to the point of wanting to run away from home, well maybe not run…probably more of a walk/slight jog. (Relax…I’m kidding, but yay for grandparents)

Day 25 – Santa. The other day I tried to tell my 5 year old that Jesus didn’t like her bad attitude and she said “what about Santa?! He won’t bring me presents if I’m mean…(30 seconds later)… I’m sorry mommy” So…Santa. I’ve literally used that like 97563748 since then.

Day 26 – Food in mini-size packages. Guys, I’m not hard to please here. But food in kid size packages is where it’s at. A tiny package of cheez-its or fruit snacks can fix an attitude and change the whole mood of the day.

Day 27 – iPad/iPhone. I GENUINELY have respect for people who raised kids without one of these bad boys. It’s the exact reason my kids aren’t in boarding school in England right now.

Day 28 – KidsTube. Because they used to watch YouTube and now I don’t have to worry about my kids watching Justin Bieber videos or a cow giving birth (actually happened) while I’m not in the room. Now they just watch grown-ups play with orbeez (yikes) and Baby Alive videos… but whatevs.

Day 29 – That giraffe. $24 well spent.

Day 30 – My comfy bed. When I wake up in the morning I start dreaming and thinking about it allllllll day long until we meet again for 4 (6 if I’m lucky) hours again that night. It’s the motivation I need to get through the day. Like, for real…thankful.

Comment below and tell me what YOU’RE thankful for! Share with a mom!


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