I’ll catch ya in a few <3

I’m struggling. Like for real. I struggle to get out of bed on time, go to bed on time and everything in between. WHY? Because I have a baby. Gia = Life. And I love her to pieces. PIECES guys. It’s def that “I love you so much it hurts” feeling people talk about. And I love the “big girls” (as we call them) too. Like, with everything inside of me, but they are independent and S-A-S-S-Y lol. and I’ve already been through the baby stage with them and I felt the exact same way about them! But they grew up and I kinda forgot about the “baby nostalgia.” It’s serious in case you have older kids and forgot like I did.



The baby smell is INTOXICATING. How could I like the smell of diapers and spit-up so much?!? Sounds so gross but it’s just TRUE. The way she smiles and plays. The way I’m proud of her when she does something new. The way she holds my fingers. The way she wants me more than Jeff hahahahah (okay I’m done gloating). The way she gives me “kisses” and slobbers all over me. The way I stare at her on the monitor and wait for her to wake up. I LOVE IT ALL. I’m ridiculously in love with this tiny human!


But she’s almost 8 months old now. It’s coming to a close FAST. Like super fast. She’s my last baby (because of horrendous pregnancy issues…a long story you don’t want to hear) like…my baby days are almost OVERRRRRR. Part of me is a little excited because MAYBE I can get my body back at some point (seeing as nursing has made me HANGRY all day everyday and that’s not helping anybody), and I might get a trip with my man (cough cough Jeff), and I can have a little more me time. But the other part of me  dies a little inside everyday when she does something new and wiggles out of my arms to get down and play with her toys. So, while I have a few more months left in baby land. I’m soaking them in.


So if I’m a few minutes late, it’s possible I snuggled in bed with Gia a few minutes longer than I should have. If my hair doesn’t look perfect, it’s possible I spent more time than necessary playing with her in the floor. If you come over and my house isn’t clean (well basically because it never is), just assume that I was laying around doing absolutely nothing, soaking in baby goodness. I have 4 more months before this tiny thing starts walking and tearing up my house, throwing tantrums and playing with the big girls more than me. So I might be busy, or late or eat drive thru too much because I didn’t make time to cook, but don’t worry… I’ll be back. I’ll catch ya in a few (insert peace sign fingers as I walk out). ❤


2 thoughts on “I’ll catch ya in a few <3

  1. Love to see a momma embracing every minute!!! With my first little one turning a month on Monday (😭😭😭😭) I’m learning there’s no guilt when it comes to choosing to spend time with my girl! It’s SUCH a different season! I’m still trying to get used to being okay with saying no to… Almost everything!!! Haha


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