My Grown up Christmas List (each item is under $100!)

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My mom has been hounding me for weeks to get our Christmas lists together, and I finally have. If you’re not sure what to put on your Christmas list, I’ve complied some ideas for you! Also, who really has trouble making a list of things you want?? I just don’t get that! It took me about 15 minutes to get my list together lol. I have a running list in my head (or phone) of things I want and need. Like, ask me anytime and I could name 30 things. It’s not greed it’s just called shopping and being a girl. So let’s get started…Also, stay tuned next week I’m sending out what the girls have on their Christmas lists in case you need ideas for the little girls in your life! They also have millions of things on their list…they get it from their “mami.” *We will be doing a giveaway from one of their items also, so check back!*

*Click on the pictures or title to get more info on the product(s)

  1. DEEP Copper Chef Pan square set

This is at the TOP of my list (cough cough mom). First of all, copper is LIFE. I walked through Williams-Sonoma last week and had to hold myself back from buying everything. The thing is I have tons of stuff, but it’s not copper and copper is just gorgeous and so popular right now. I love this particular pan set because well…it’s copper (I may say it 5 more times so get over it) and it’s deep. It’s no secret I love to cook and I make a lot of dishes where I throw meat and veggies in a big pan and steam them up. I like to make mass amounts of food so we always have leftovers for lunch and I usually can’t fit all of the food into my other pan. This one is extra deep and I NEED it. Need. Also, this is WAY cheaper than the other one I saw at Williams-Sonoma. Way.

2. Hammered Copper Mugs-set of 4

We’ve already covered that copper is life, but that’s only next to coffee. SO naturally I need these hammered, copper mugs as well. MUST have. And these are way cheaper as well.

3. Chef Buddy Grill and Panini Press, Non-stick

You guys might be cool and already have one of these but I don’t! Jeff is the grill guy at our house but sometimes I want grilled food when he’s not around. What am I supposed to do, strap Gia on my back and head out to the grill? No. You might be super woman, but I’m not. We try not to eat tons of bread in our house, but once in a blue moon we do grilled cheese with soup and I feel I could…I mean WILL (because mom or Jeff needs to get this for me) make some awesome, healthy sandwiches with this bad boy.

4. White Salad Bowls

My other kitchen obsession is white everything (ya know other than copper). I don’t have really great salad bowls, I use mixing bowls right now lol. We do taco salad at least once a week in our house, so I GOTSTA get me some of these. Plus, I love the shape of these! Mom or Jeff, if you’re taking notes I need the 6 pack of 26 ounce size 😉

5. Stainless Steel Potato Cutter

I still have little kids in my house so we do oven baked fries a lot. Like, A LOT. Think of all the things I could do with my extra time by having one of these?!

6. Bamboo Butcher Block and Serving Tray

Trust me. I need one of these and so do you. So cute to arrange your food for a party and it’s functional as a cutting board.

7. White Marble Cutting Board

See reason for #6. NEED.

8. Hotel Luxury White Sheets

I told you this was my GROWN UP Christmas list. You KNOW you’re grown when you ask for sheets for Christmas lol. We’ve been married almost 9 years and we’ve gotten new sheets but some of our stuff is just wearing out! Plus, there’s NO feeling like climbing into a clean comfy bed! and I love the look of white sheets at a hotel. Makes me feel fancy.

9. Activated Charcoal Mask

If you haven’t googled this stuff, DO IT. I can’t wait to try it! I’m getting older, but I’m going down kicking and screaming lol. Peace wrinkles.

10. Eye Gel

See reason #9. W-R-I-N-K-L-E-S.

11. IlluMask Wrinkle Light Therapy Mask

Not exactly sure if they work (I’m sure there will be a blog about it one day haha) but I want to see what all the fuss is about. I’ve read so many reviews and some people say they did nothing, others said they changed their life, so I’ll have to be the judge of that. Either way, NEED. Please leave me a comment below if you have tried and let me know your thoughts!

12. Laptop Hard Case and Keyboard Cover

I don’t need this but I LOVEEEEE it and want it! That’s all.

13. Susenstone Make-Up Brush set (Gold)

I love these make-up brushes for so many reasons! They are pretty and they are cheap! I know some of y’all like to buy expensive brushes and clean them and blah blah blah, but I have 3 little GIRLS in my house. Expensive make-up brushes may never be a luxury of mine because they would def get ruined. So these brushes are perfect for what I need. NEED.

14. Nike Shoes

I’m not exactly sure this image won’t cooperate with me but you GOTTA click on the link to look at these shoes. Sweatshirts and tennis shoes are my LIFE and these are black and white which is also my life. I’ll take a 9 please.

15. Rose Gold Aviators

Anyone who knows me, knows that I LIVE in my sunglasses. Like I have 10 pair laying around so I never run out. Aviators are my favorite. NEED. WANT.

To win an item for you AND a friend from my Christmas list, go to my Instagram page  @lifewithlittlemamis follow me, like my post and tag 3 friends (you can tag as many as you’d like) who might want to win something!

What else do you have on your Christmas list that I should add to mine?!?


2 thoughts on “My Grown up Christmas List (each item is under $100!)

  1. I’m OBSESSED with all things rose gold, something I have on my list is those sequin pillows that change color when you rub your hand across them SO cute!


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