Big news from the Eastham House!

No, I’m not pregnant. You guys. I have 9374509348590384059 kids, why do I need anymore?? If I ever get baby fever again, I’ll borrow one of yours for a few hours. ANYWAYS….now to the serious stuff…


When God says “go,” you go. Period. No questions asked, well maybe a few questions lol…but you go. Jeff and I have always searched out God’s will for our family and told Him that we would do as He asked us to do. He has picked out the most amazing life for me. I can’t imagine all of the wonderful things I would have missed out on had I not followed His lead. Through the seasons where I wasn’t listening as closely as I should (just being honest over here…life gets busy and I have to re-prioritize) I live in regret over the tiny whispers He was giving me that I was too busy to hear. I have worked REALLY hard to tune into God and live my life WITH Him.


Once again, Jeff and I have heard that undeniable “go” in our hearts….and we did. This “go” has led us to Life Church in Hunstville, Alabama. We are so excited to be working with Pastors Kevin and Amy McGlamery and the wonderful people here! They are just amazing and incredible and wonderful and loving and I could go on! We’ve only been here a few weeks and I’ve officially made room for more family in my heart and life!


We miss our Chattanooga friends dearly, but seeing as my parents still live there, we said no permanent good-byes. We will be back now and then to get our Maple Street Biscuit Company fix and hang! We had a great season at Redemption Point and we cheer you on from Alabama…just maybe not when they play Tennessee….even though we (and by “we” I mean Jeff) are Ohio State fans.


It’s fun to watch God in the details of your “yes!” From the quick sell of our house in TN to the smooth close on our house here, the amazing moving weather we had and all of the stuff in between. God is truly a good good father and the start of this next season has been no exception.


Want to give a little love to Jeff for a sec.. You have been such a rock to our family through this move. Home is TRULY wherever we are together. Through the transitions of our 10 years together I have come to respect and love you more than I ever thought possible. THANK YOU for following God’s call and leading our family so incredibly. I can’t wait to see what is ahead. Now come in here and massage my feet. Please.


We can’t wait to be able to share with all of you the fun we have here! Please leave a comment below if you know of any awesome spots we need to hit up. Preferably somewhere where we can eat some healthy food. Still trying to kick this baby weight (eye roll). I technically get a year right?!?! 9 months to put it on/9 to get it off and then a few months of grace because I haven’t been sleeping for more than 12 minutes at a time with 98347598374598 kids in my house. Yes, I know only 3 but it feels like more. Well, I need to end this so I can go check on the girls…they are both texting me from their bedrooms as if they don’t have legs to come tell me something. #firstworldproblems


Stay tuned for all of our fun, adventures, food pics and funny stories. ❤


7 thoughts on “Big news from the Eastham House!

  1. I love you guys so much! Missing you every day from STL but we all know that still small voice of the Holy Spirit saying “change the world for Me” so much support and love! And ps you all know if your STL family were near we would help you pack and everything! But for now we pray from a distance. You’re forever close to my heart queen B and big bro Jeff!!! And all 3 girls too!


  2. I had know idea where you went..,we love you guys….even though Parker never was never able to join youth due to brain surgery…..we miss you…prayers are for your new start and I know God has great plans for you!!!!


  3. Brittany I am thankful to know you and Jeff are listening, as always, to God’s voice and following His will!!! I do miss you guys but you are doing mighty work for God’s Kingdom! Keep on Keeping on!! Love you all very much!


  4. I’m so glad that you and your family are a part of our church family. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us. It’s going to be fun serving with you guys. #greatertogether


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