I’m losing it….well hopefully not.

So, I feel like everyone has a blog these days so I hesitated even joining the club, BUT the bottom line is, I’m determined not to lose “me” in this thing called motherhood.  After becoming a mom, I started to have that “who am I?” feeling so many of us get after we’ve changed diapers, kept kids alive and clean, cooked, grocery shopped, played the same game and watched the same movie 249,864 times in a row, did laundry, cut the tags out of shirts so they won’t itch, looked for monsters under the bed and said prayers (most times twice) only to fall (no for real fall) into bed only to wake up every 3 hours to get drinks, cover up cold feet and nurse the baby back to sleep….AND do it all over again the next day.

Like, who am I?? Who is this girl? I was supposed to be living in a downtown apartment with a corner office marketing job with a closet of size 4 clothes because “I was going to make sure babies wouldn’t ruin my body.” Instead, I’m currently picking up a paci for the q394857098347508974 time bc that’s Gia’s new game and she cries if I don’t and I hate crying, with no make up on (and I think I brushed my teeth today) while Brooklyn’s begging for me to fix her wings, Macy is getting hungry and the dog just dug in the trash can…the DIAPER one (insert major eyeroll).

So here I am, joining the mommy blogger community hoping to give myself an outlet, make you laugh a little along the way and share our journey with 3 crazy little mamis (because “little mamas” was taken and I think mamis is cute anyways…). We are not perfect so don’t set the bar too high in your head when we attempt Pinterest ideas and when I tell you we eat healthy but you see a candy wrapper on the background floor in a picture. We are trying to enjoy this wonderful journey that God has given us and share a little of it along the way. Hoping I won’t lose “me” in the process thanks to my little piece of Internet corner over here. Thanks for coming along ❤


10 thoughts on “I’m losing it….well hopefully not.

  1. I know exactly how you feel, even though it was many years ago. One day all of your hard work will pay off. You will be so proud of the ladies they will become. In the meantime love you girl.


  2. I love your blog!! I am sure all mothers have said ‘who am I’? at more than one point in their ‘MOM” journey. It does not mean we do not like our children or our family life, just letting it out, which is good! Love you and your family!!


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