How To Treat Diaper Rash FAST!


Anytime my kids are hurt or sick it’s literally the saddest thing ever for me. Like most mom’s, I can’t STAND it! I feel so helpless. So you better believe that anytime I find ways to help prevent or fix it, I’m def going to. I’ve spent hourzzzz of my life mending scrapes and bruises, in steam showers with stuffy noses and coughs, and even spent more money than necessary on ice packs with cute characters on, because obviously it doesn’t feel as cold if it’s cute. Then there’s diaper rash. One of the worst.

I remember a time when Macy (who is now 8 and I’m sure is thrilled to have this story out on the Internet lol) was a baby and ate something that didn’t agree with her. You guys. The diaper rash was INSANE. She was crying, I was crying, we were all crying. The ONLY thing that worked that night was DESITIN the maximum strength formula. Within 12 hours it was all healed up! My mom is the one who told me about it. She’s always said it’s the only thing on the market that works that fast and she was right! So I’ve been a loyal customer ever since….8 years and counting!

Through 3 kids, eating transitions, long road trips where I couldn’t stop to change diapers right away and stomach bugs, I’ve never let the DESITIN run out! No joke, I have one in Gia’s (the baby) room upstairs, one in my room (ya know, so I don’t have to walk all the way up there each time lol) and one in the diaper bag.

My other tips for treating diaper rash:

-Keep the area as dry as possible. Check the diaper every 2 hours or less and change it right away if it’s dirty!

-Don’t irritate the skin anymore than necessary, be very gentle when changing their diaper and when wiping them. Sometimes I even use use a warm wet washcloth if it’s a pretty bad case.

-Apply the DESITIN as often as needed, especially at bedtime. I can’t tell you how many times I sent my kids to bed with a horrible diaper rash after applying DESITIN and they woke up with ZERO rash! That’s less than 12 hours (well depending on how long your kids sleep)!

Take a second and read up about DESITIN products and how they can help your family make life a little bit easier! Click HERE for more info!


Gift Guide for the Modern + Simple Family

Some of you may know that I own a shop —-> The East Side Shop ❤ This shop was inspired by MY STYLE. I love simple, modern, and clean looking street wear type clothes. I wear lots of black, white, gray, leggings, tennis shoes and sweatshirts. Adidas and Nike are my spirit animals. Not gonna lie, since we moved to the south, I’ve had a hard time finding stores and people who “get” me…I think all of my people live in NYC or somewhere up North where all black everyday is socially acceptable lol.  So I created a line of clothes (which now includes hats + coffee mugs) for MY PEOPLE! If you have no idea what that means then you are not my people so don’t worry about it lol. I wanted to put together some items from the shop for you to check out for your simple + modern friends and family (or even maybe yourself). Head over to or keep scrolling!


For the ladies…here are some really popular products that we can barely keep in stock!



All of our designs come in various items + colors. We carry hoodies, sweatshirts, long sleeve t-shirts, unisex size t-shirts, ladies fitted t-shirts, hats and coffee mugs!

For the guys…our most popular design has been the corner love my crew hoodies and there are a few more on the site that are popular for the guys as well!

For the babies…I’ve got these adorable onesies that say “Wonderfully Made.” They are inspired by the the Bible verse: I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14. I’m working on getting these in a kids t-shirt also!


I want to offer anyone reading this an exclusive discount code for 15% off your entire order! Use code: EASTSIDE15 at checkout!

Head on over to to check out ALL of our products! We are on ETSY too! The coupon code will work on both sites! Happy shopping!

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Gift Guide for the


❤ Brittany

Holiday Gift Guide: Vegan Edition

It’s that time of year and I LOVEEEEEE it! Today I’m bringing you a VEGAN Holiday Gift Guide. You may not know what to buy your plant-based aunt or cousin, so here I am to help! These gifts would also be great for anyone that eats healthy or loves to cook! I’m bringing you a ton of must-haves for the VEGANS + a few of my personal favorite products they might love also! Let me know what your favorites are!

This article may contain affiliate links, all opinions are my own. See my full disclosure policy here.

*Click on the picture for prices and more product info

  1. Asking around in some of my Facebook groups and pages…BY FAR, the number one thing they all said was a must have item is A NINJA MEGA KITCHEN SYSTEM! It does it alllllllllll. NUMBER ONE MUST HAVE!

2. Air Fryer. This one comes with a recipe book, which I would need since I don’t have one! This is going on my list though seeing as EVERYONE said they were dying for one and I’m just over here clueless. Apparently I’m missing out!

3. An all-in-one sushi making kit. We spend a lot of money on sushi at our house because we really love it!! This kit gives you everything you need to EASILY make it at home! if you just really want to up your present, go ahead and buy the sushi rice and the seaweed for them!

4. Veggie Bullet. I can’t say enough about these! I use mine all the time and it has saved me SO much time and stress when it comes to chopping and spiralizing veggies! It’s a GOTTA have for the kitchen. This product also comes with a hardcover recipe book!

5. A good set of knives. I spend so much time each week CHOPPING. My veggie bullet helps a ton but there are some things that just can’t go in there and you need to slice them yourself! A good set of knives is so important! Here’s a good link for a chef’s knife and a set of knives…

6. Instant Pot. I’m being honest, if you don’t have one of these, I feel bad for you. You’re just missing out in life. I use mine all the time and there are ENTIRE Facebook groups dedicated to recipes for these things. They are BY FAR a necessary item for your kitchen! (also, this link is a really good deal!)

7. Vitamix Blender. Imma be straight…we don’t have one of these…yet. But it’s on my list!! This one is for the fancy gift givers lol. In our family we do big, medium and small presents for each other. This would make a great “big” gift for the plant-based person in your life. We use our blender MULTIPLE times a day sometimes and it does leave little chunks (which is not good for the baby ugh) so I end up blending my soup, smoothie or whatever like 5-6 times to get all of the chunks out. This would solve that problem! If you are buying for someone who uses their blender multiple times a day. GET THEM THIS! (also, a REALLY good deal on these in the link)

8. Hand Immersion Blender. This is RIDICULOUSLY useful I can’t even get started. From the wise words in Toy Story “If you don’t have one, get one!” lol!

9. Coconut bowls. We make smoothie bowls most days for breakfast and these are the COOLEST bowls for smoothie bowls!

10. Disposable salad bowls with lid. We eat salads ALLLLL the time. When my husband takes them to work, sometimes they come home, sometimes they don’t. These are perfect (and cheap) for taking a salad with you on the go!

Here are some of my other favorite products that I love. All of these you can get on Amazon! When I start to run out, I just jump on and buy more. E-Z. P-Z. Any of these would make great stocking stuffers!

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Holiday Gift Guide: Vegan Edition


Vegan Recipes to check out: 

Delicious Plant-Based Vegan Nachos

Smoothie Bowl

Easy Crockpot Pumpkin Chili

The Perfect Smoothie

The Best Crockpot Vegan Chili

Delicious Plant-Based/Vegan Nachos

This recipe is another one of our family favorites and I’m always getting positive comments on my Instagram stories when we make it! So I hope you guys enjoy!

This recipe feeds our family of 5. Before I jump in, I want to say that nachos are a personal food choice lol. There are so many things you can add, substitute or eliminate so I want to see how you guys change this up to your family’s taste buds! Please tag me on social media @brittanyeastham!  I also run the account @easyplantbasedrecipes on Instagram and Facebook! Give me a follow and tag me with your plant-based nacho recipe variations. Also, for this particular recipe there may be a few things that I can’t give you an exact amount on, but I’ll do my best. Some times I just kind of sprinkle stuff around until it looks like enough. It’s something all the professional cooks call “eyeballing it” lol.

This article may contain affiliate links, all opinions are my own. See my full disclosure policy here.

Plant-Based Nachos ingredients 

-2 bags of Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips (this is something I eyeball…I end up using about a bag and a half and we use the rest for chips and salsa)

-1 can of black beans (drained)

-1/2 bunch of cilantro (chopped)

-Green onions chopped (I eyeball this…but I probably use half a bag)

-1/2 of each- Red, Yellow, Orange Peppers chopped (save the other half to dip in garlic hummus!! mmmmm…)

-1 avocado (sliced and chopped into squares…I’ll have to do a video on this soon!)

-1 tomato sliced and chopped

-Taco Seasoning- to sprinkle on the top

-Salsa (any kind you like or have on hand!)

*Not Pictured: We also love to add corn and bbq sauce sometimes


  1. Heat the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Get a large casserole dish (or 2 or 3) and start laying out the yellow corn tortilla chips. This one LARGELY depends on how many people you’re feeding and how hungry they are! My family can PUT DOWN some nachos so I end up making 3 casserole dishes of these. Lay the chips out randomly a few layers thick. Once they are stacked 2-3 chips high I start the rest.
  3. Start “decorating” the chips. I ALWAYS have the kids help me with this. I think it’s so important to raise independent little mama’s that can cook healthy food, so I never miss an opportunity! Start evenly sprinkling on the black beans, cilantro, tomatoes, green onions, peppers, avocado, corn (if you are using) and whatever else sounds good!
  4. Sprinkle taco seasoning to taste all over the top. We love taco seasoning so I’m not shy with ours…. we like them heavily seasoned.
  5. Evenly spread a few tablespoons of salsa and/or BBQ sauce on the top. Too much of this will make the chips soggy (ask me how I know lol), but it’s a nice addition to add extra flavor! Otherwise the nachos are a little dry.
  6. Stick these in the oven on 350 for about 8-10 minutes to heat everything up a little bit.
  7. CHOW DOWN! These don’t save too great (the chips get soggy) so it took me making them a few times to get our portions right so we didn’t waste too much of it.

We make these so much and I’m always looking for variations, can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! Don’t forget to follow and tag us (@brittanyeastham + @easyplantbasedrecipes !

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Atlantic Salmon are usually farmed, and coloring agentsto turn the flesh pink.


12 Ways to use leftover Halloween candy!

So, if you’re like me, we TRY (like, we fail sometimes) to not eat too much sugar. So Halloween can be a tough one….because let’s face it, sugar is not good for your body, but sometimes it’s good for the soul lol. I mean, legit a hershey kiss can fix my attitude (please spare me the email about the chemistry between food and feelings, I know). So, if you’re one of those people who eats perfect, you can disregard this blog post. Let’s face it, they aren’t reading because they probably have already thrown it all in the trash and gone back to eating healthy 100% of the time. One day I hope to be as strong as you people, but until then…the least we can do is spread it out.

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This article may contain affiliate links, all opinions are my own. See my full disclosure policy here.

12 was to use leftover Halloween candy:

1. Add it to your coffee in the morning (hershey kisses are my fav) and you’ll have a mocha! Throw in a peppermint and you have a peppermint mocha. I just saved you $6.05 at Starbucks today. You’re welcome.

2. Add it to popcorn. Honestly, sweet and salty flavors are LIFE.

3. Make cookies and use the candy as add-ins…use all your healthy substitutes if it makes you feel better.

4. Package it up in mason jars, a ribbon and some corny note you found on Pinterest about how “sweet” they are and give it to your kids teachers.

5. Use it in a piñata for Christmas or the next birthday.

6. Make cute little Christmas treats with them. Kit Kat for sleds, hershey kisses for a snowman hat…you get the point.

7. Use it to decorate a gingerbread house…we always spend money on candy for these anyways…saving you the DOLLAS today!

8. Bribe your kids. Yep. I said it. A little “motivation” goes along way for getting chores done and a quick attitude adjustment. Put the judgy eyeroll away…you know you do it. I’ll have some in my car and purse at all times, hit me up if you need one when your kid has a meltdown 😉

9. Take it to the office and put in a candy dish…it will def be gone in no time.

10. Let your kids practice counting with it. Homeschool people of the world, DO NOT THROW YOUR CANDY AWAY. Seriously, you can use it with SOOOOO many lessons.

11. Use the candy for game pieces. Whoever wins the game gets to eat their candy!

12. Last but not least: EAT SOME. Spread it out and limit your sugar intake but save it for a rainy, yoga pants, PMS day.

What are some things you do with leftover Halloween candy??

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Easy Crockpot Pumpkin Chili

That’s right folks. PUMPKIN chili. You’re welcome. I thought that my last veggie chili was good but this. This is where it’s at. My family BEGSSSSS for this and we’ve gotten in this awful habit (well not so awful) where we eat it at least once a week. Before “pumpkin everything” season leaves us for Thanksgiving and Christmas, save this to your Pinterest board and add it to you’re weekly menu. You literally THROW everything in a crockpot and let it sit on low all day until dinner time! I serve with vegan “garlic toast” aka toasted whole grain break with garlic hummus on top. To. Die. For. This recipe feeds our family of 5 with a small bowl of leftovers for lunch the next day!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

This article may contain affiliate links, all opinions are my own. See my full disclosure policy here.


1 can of pumpkin

3 cans of chili beans (do not drain)

1 1/2 cups of cooked lentils

3 cans of fire roasted diced tomatoes (do not drain)

1 1/2 cups of frozen corn

1 medium onion, chopped

2 tablespoons of liquid smoke (more if you like a smokey taste)

1 tsp of oregano seasoning

1 tsp of dried basil leaves

1 tsp of cumin

1 tsp of cinnamon

2 tablespoons of brown sugar

2 teaspoons of worcestershire sauce

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


  1. Cook lentils, drain.
  2. Combine all ingredients in the crockpot
  3. Cook in crockpot on high for 4 hours or low for 6-8 hours, stir occasionally.

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Brown Cookies Recipe Pinterest Graphic

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Smoothie Bowls


If you follow me on Instagram then you know we make smoothie bowls…pretttyyyyyy much every single day. I love that you can switch them up! Right now, seeing as it’s pumpkin everything, we have been using this Pumpkin Granola by Nature’s Path and it’s so good! Anyways…We love them, the kids love them (they feel like they are eating ice cream for breakfast everyday) and we are filling their bodies up with insane amounts of vitamins and antioxidants to help prevent sickness and disease, so it’s a win-win!

This article may contain affiliate links, all opinions are my own. See my full disclosure policy here.

I get a ton of questions about these so I wanted to give you a quick step-by-step on how to make these and what to put in them!

  1. Start by making your favorite smoothie! The best part about this, is you can not only change up your toppings on your smoothie bowl, you can change up your smoothie to your liking! Our family loves a really basic berry smoothie ad we have perfected it so we keep it pretty much the same since it’s easy for me to add to the shopping list each week. You can find our smoothie recipe here. It’s pretty perfect, not gonna lie!
  2. Once you’ve made your smoothie, pour it into your bowl. I found some really cool smoothie bowls you should check out here if you don’t have some already!
  3. Then start my adding your toppings! I like to get fancy with my placement, but you can just dump it all i there if you like! My fav toppings are: granola, shredded coconut, sliced almonds, chia seeds and whatever fruit I have that week! Blueberries are quick and easy but mangos and pears bring out the tropical flavor in a berry smoothie!

So basically you are making a healthy, delicious, sickness and disease fighting cereal!


Smoothie Bowls